Monday, May 4, 2009

Packing Tips/ Help

Don't we all need to learn how to pack better? I know I always over pack. Over the years I have gotten better at it, but wouldn't it be nice to travel with one light weight suit case. Do you really need 5 pairs of shoes for a 7 day trip?? How many outfits to you REALLY Need for a cruise? This lady really gets it. The checklist for packing is free. Some of her products have a cost. But the free ones are really useful. Check out her website, which has helped me big time:

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  1. Unfortunately, going with only carry-on luggage is getting more difficult due to the newest rules about what you can actually carry on a plane. If you do want to keep it to just one bag that goes with you on the plane, check the latest regulations and leave behind anything that isn't allowed. It doesn't add that much expense to a trip to just buy these things at your destination.